AI Spring Hackathon
March 30, 2017

AI Spring Hackathon aims to bring together talented participants and interested companies to create Data Science projects that have real business prospectives in the future.

If you feel the thrill to create innovative products and take the most out of Data Analysis, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, NLP, chatbots etc, you’re welcome to participate!

If you want your company to benefit from Artificial Intelligence, we’ll be glad to see you as a partner. Please, contact us for more details:

If you have experience in developing projects connected with Data Science, or experience creating successful business, we invite you to become our mentor and share the knowlenge with our talented participants to create wonderful products together!

Our mentors:
Mostafa Benhenda, Founder at,
Oleg Nalyvaiko, Project Manager at Infopulse
Artem Chernodub, Chief R&D Officer – Clikque Technology Corporation, Ph.D.
Dmytro Fedyukov, Data Intelligent Service – Product Owner / Architect – glomex GmbH
Sergey Skabelkin, Blockchain Evangelist Co-founder FinTechCluster Mobile wallet and online service enterprise architect
Nestor Dubnevych, Associate, IT&Media at Juscutum Attorneys Association, Partner at, CEO Bot.Lawyer
Dmitry Chaplinsky, Senior Architect/Developer at Zone. Projects:,,,,
Igor Kostiuk, Data Scientist at SoftServe. Expert in Deep
Learning, Unsupervised Feature Learning та Computer Vision
To be continued 😉

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