Необходимые навыки — Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript — at least several pet projects — English — at least read/write level — You understand why you need to write tests and you like doing it(Rspec, Capybara) — Good SQL knowledge, you understand benefits of AR — You know how to google, moreover you can solve common tasks without bugging your mentor too often — Good communication skills, be able to understand the […]

Agile Eastern Europe Conference: Season 7
January 25, 2016

“Agile” stands for Agile Eastern Europe and is an annual and by fact the largest and most well-known Agile conference in the Eastern European. The first Agile was held in September 2009. Its success was then exceeded by next Agileee held in October 2010, in September 2011, in October 2012, in October 2013 and in […]